As of January 2024 my Putting Group on the CoachNow app is run differently.  I’ve moved away from a subscription model to a one off payment for LIFETIME membership! 
My group is packed with putting information; what I like in a putting setup, speed drills, green reading help, how to practice effectively, how to structure practice, etc. There is also a little non-putting info to hopefully help you with other areas of your game. 
The one-off payment for lifetime membership is just £39. That’s it, pay once and you’re in as long as the group exists. All current members have had their subscriptions cancelled and will remain in the group with nothing further to pay. 
You can also join for £79 with an online lesson to go with your lifetime membership. 
£39 is roughly;
$50 🇺🇸, €46 🇪🇺, $67 🇨🇦, $76 🇦🇺 
£79 is roughly;
$100 🇺🇸, €92 🇪🇺, $133 🇨🇦, $151 🇦🇺
(Currency conversions correct as of March 2024)
Upon purchase of the membership plus online lesson I will set up your personal training space on the CoachNow app. Here you will receive an info sheet on how to send me videos. Very easy to do using a phone and can be done from the comfort of your home if you wish.