My belief is that putting lessons and fittings are rarely done in isolation.  Therefore I advise to just book a 2 hour session.  This is whether you want to buy and be fitted for a new putter, test the suitability of your current putter, or simply want a lesson with your current putter.

Putting Session

2 Hours
£ 90 Reduced to £60 upon purchase
of a SeeMore Putter

Remote coaching option;
£90 for 2 x online lessons

Putting Session

3 x 2hr sessions
£ 220

The Tour Experience

6 Month Programme
£ 400 6 month program delivered face to face, remotely, or a combination of both. Visit Helensburgh for 2hr session up to 4 times in 6 months. Unlimited full time support via Coach Now app during 6 months. Exchange videos, discuss strategy, practice plans, etc. Entire program can be delivered online if Helensburgh out of reach.

SeeMore Putters start at £190
All sessions followed up with analysis and plan going forward via Coach Now app.