If Helensburgh is too far do not worry!  Due to the wonders of modern technology I can still help you on your journey to better putting.

Using the CoachNow app we can exchange videos, pictures and notes so you can improve your putting from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

Once you purchase any of the following options you can then send me your videos and await my feedback. I will send you clear instruction on how to improve your putting.  I will need a face-on video with your entire body and putter head in the frame.  I also need a down the line video with your whole body in the shot that shows your putter head and the golf ball rolling towards the target.  

Whatsapp (+447988667205) or email (info@rossmacleodputting.com) is the best way to send your videos. 

It’s also useful if you send me some info such as your index, golfing goals plus your putting story.  Common problems, misses?

If you have any questions please contact me first.

Online Putting Lesson

£ 99 + 12 months group subscription

2 x Online Putting Lesson

£ 99

Tour Experience Package

6 month program
£ 399