I custom fit SeeMore putters.
SeeMore are an American putter-only brand.  They make great putters and they “build to order
This means we are not restricted in the fitting process and can get you a putter built specifically to your needs.
Length, loft, lie, head style, toe hang, offset, grip are all covered so you can have great confidence that you are using the best putter possible for you.
Every SeeMore putter utilises “Rifle Scope Technology” to help you achieve a great aim and setup by “hiding the red dot”.
SeeMore putters were good enough for Payne Stewart to win a US Open and Zach Johnson to win a Masters and an Open Championship.
I’ve been using one for over 7 years now and couldn’t imagine using anything else.
Prices for SeeMore putters start around £250 and the normal price of a 2hr session (£100) comes down to £60 if a putter is purchased.
You will then have your putter delivered direct to your door in 3-5 business days.